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    I used to battle skin issues when I was younger but since becoming more diet conscious, it’s not something I deal with so much in young adulthood.

    3 weeks ago after binging on fruit smoothies for 2 months and for a couple weeks not eating much food with that( i am in an intense school program) I developed the most aggressive candida rash I ever had.

    I had a few mushrooms or grapefruit, or strawberries and it would start burning and itching like hellfire. And that’s what my rash feels like if I haven’t taken any antifungals for a few hours.

    So along with the rash, I have these firm tender and sore ovulation clustered bumps on the crease of my thigh and closing my legs makes them grow and hurt more.they look like sort of inflamed pores with no hair and they merge with the rest of the rash…

    There’s intense sharp tingly pain that accompanies the bumps and that crease area. The tingly and sore pain sometimes shoots down halfway my thigh.

    I am slowly healing, keeping a really clean sugar free and fermented food diet and the bumps are gradually shrinking.
    I also just got a cold sore for first time in years.
    The skin issues is essentially the bulk of my candida symptoms, which is odd cause it really seems like I have severe overgrowth.

    Does anybody else get painful tingling skin inflammations like this?

    Thanks so much……

    I also went to get tested for stds.


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    My wife has similar problems and its because your liver is overburdened with toxins and isn’t detoxing properly. When this occurs you detox via other methods such as skin or for some people the lungs (asthma and coughing). I would focus on detoxing to get better.


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