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    Hello, everyone.

    I had B.B. from 13 years old now I m 31. I had bad taste in my school nobody told me that I was having a problem,I noticed some of my friends making some comments but I didn’t pay attention. At work is very difficult because people made very bad comments and put their hands in their nose. I always chewed gum! But this doesn’t fix the problem!!it only masks it and then you make it worse!!

    I discovered that I had tonsil stones,this foul smell!oh my god!!now I take care of my hygiene, I floss, brush my teeth, brush my tongue,oil pulling with coconut oil and gargle with free alcohol Zendium. Tonsil stone problem is fixed but B.B. isn’t gone….

    Well I ve done a big research and I think I have Candida and probably sibo… Bad bacterial overgrowth!!!
    A few years ago I decided to do a diet cause I had some extra kilos that I wanted to get rid of . The diet lasted 7 months and I lost 15 kilos.i started to watch what to eat,small amounts,fresh fruits and vegetables and I took probiotics from health aid 4 billion acidophilus. The B.B. left!! I took a pill of acidophilus probiotic and 30 minutes my saliva was better, my mouth fresher!!,!!i was so excited!! My husband told me that he didn’t smell anything!! We were out for a drink and he didn’t even smell the alcohol. This lasted for a month….why??
    Because I started eating after the diet again the same things I did before!!
    You imagine The foods that we are eating are very bad, very very bad!!when I eat bread or pasta or 🍫 bad breath comes back!

    Well now I still watch my hygiene but I watch what to eat. I started the candida diet,is a little difficult at first but I start introducing other foods like flaxseed bread,quinoa, millet and buckwheat. I drink green juices and eat many vegetables! Chicken and red meat,small fish. I stopped drinking coffee and I only drink a glass of white wine when I go out.

    Well I m still in the begining but I see some differences! My digestive is better. Bad taste has almost gone! People are not putting their hands in nose. That’s something right? I take probiotics, eat Greek yogurt and drink kefir. I know that I miss many of the foods that I used to eat like a burger or a pizza, but I want to be healthy from the inside cause this thing with the B.B. is very difficult to deal with. So make healthy options on food when you are out, but healthier options in your own home. B.B. indicates that there is a problem in the inside. Bacterial overgrowth guys! That’s it, you ll try every hygiene product but the odor want go away. We must heal our insides first!!! Stop eating every product with white flour, sugar,dairy products except kefir and probiotic yogurt,stop drinking coffee and sodas. Drink herbal teas like Paul d Arco, green tea, dandelion tea, ginger tea. Alcohol is forbitten, but a glass of white whine now and then is ok. Look up for Candida diet, check out some videos for halitosis. Take digestive enzymes and probiotics.

    Well I hope I helped! My problem hasn’t been fixed I try every day to eat healthy. I stopped chewing gum cause of the sweeteners. I have always with me clove and put some in my mouth when I feel B.B. coming.


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    Wow, I’m shocked not a single person has responded. Mitsaki you can join us on the forum – I go by the same username and have recently come to the same conclusion you have come to.

    I also suffer from bad breath – smelly tongue – and after being on the candida diet it pretty much goes away. However, candida is only one part of the problem, actually the smallest part. You are dead on the money thats it is bacterial and dead on the money again that having bad breath is a major problem something is not right on our insides.

    You are actually missing beneficial bacteria, such as Streptoccocus Salivarius and others.

    I am doing a fecal matter transplant later this year to repopulate my gut and cure this once and for all. Hope to hear from you if you want to discuss this.



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    Hello gotshot26,
    Thanks for the reply!

    Well after a lot of search I came in the conclusion that I have digestive issues! I have acid reflux after an endoscopy I did in a gastroenterologist. My esophagus and stomach are fine, thank god! The doctor didn’t prescribe nexium or anything else. He said it’s cause of my diet! I have too many gas in my intestines and that comes up to my esophagus. The gas is produced by SIBO and Candida! I try to stay away from all the carbs even buckwheat and quinoa! And I only eat meat, veggies ,eggs and soda water! It’s frustarting sometimes and I cheat but when I cheat acid reflux is bad… so it’s the bad breath too! I take digestive enzymes of now foods with a little Bethaine hcl! It helpes with high protein food! But the acid reflux is here! I gargle with baking soda and it seems to help with acid and bad breath but after a while the B.B. comes back.I also do the spit test form Candida every morning to see were am I! It’s very difficult this diet at first but now I’m used to it! I lost 12 kilos in three months!

    Well if you have any other suggestions on the topic please reply!

    Thank you

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