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    My symptoms for 14 months now:
    – brain fog
    – memory issues short term
    – nasty fatigue
    – random occasional muscle twitching
    – anal itching
    – I sometimes see some weird stuff in my poop like mucus which is what I presume to be the candida
    – occasional diarrhea

    The doctors are not helping at all and they just don’t understand what’s going on, they’ve given me stress pills unnecessarily worsening the situation so I discontinued use.

    Blood and stool tests came up clean, but from what I have seen in my poop and from my symptoms I strongly believe I have the candida leading to leaky gut issue, just want to reconfirm this before I begin the plan.


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    We aren’t going to diagnose you but the anal itching is the top symptom that is pretty uniform with candida sufferers. For the best test, I would check out the candia5 immune complex test.

    Not everything is related to candida. For instance, brain fog could be related to brain health and if you supplemented with fatty acids which heal the brain, you should notice improvement.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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