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    I’ve been ill for about 5 years now, with billions of tests, GP & hospital visits – all without an answer. It all started with an intolerance to gluten that seemingly spawned out of nowhere. At the beginning I stayed off gluten, and the symptoms were pretty much tolerable. But then my symptoms came back when I started eating gluten-free bread and stuff. Now, I find that if I go anywhere near gluten or anything with yeast, I feel really ill. Brain-fog, fatigue, and just generally feeling like crap.

    So for the past 3 days I cut out yeast/gluten. First 2 days I felt decent (which is rare), today I feel a little bit bad.. I got new ceral (rice & buckwheat), but I had it with milk. I understand that milk is bad. So maybe that’s why I’m feeling bad.

    I find also that I have really bad bowel movements. I bought regucol, but I still feel constipation. I’ve been taking it twice a day. I think it’s because I was eating beef burgers – my body doesn’t seem to digest red meat too well, so I’ve bought chicken today to try with that as it doesn’t seem to clog me up as much.

    Does it sound like I could have candida? If so – what can I use with my cereal? Also, what can I use to help bowel movements. I find that if I’m clogged up and don’t go at night, when I wake up in the morning I feel really bad – as I wouldn’t have had moved toxins out of my body.

    I bought a book a while back called “The Yeast Connection”. I also bought a book called ‘Hard to Stomach’ by Dr. John McKenna, who is seemingly the resident candida specialist here in Ireland. They do give some good dietry advice – but I know deep in my own heart that I need a diet that is accessible, in that – if I need a snack, I have something to eat – and that meals are not mundane. I think the biggest problem for me is to have a workable dietry plan.

    So – Do you guys think I might have candida? I don’t have any symptoms, beyond feeling like crap if I ingest gluten or yeast based products.


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    Its quite possible you do! but Im not a doctor, it sounds familiar.
    The diet is very strict. Ive found it hard at times , really hard but Ive stuck to it and Im doing well now.
    I found a great product inmy local health food shop, its gluten free, wheat free porridge. I have it with rice milk and its lovely and filling.
    omelettes are good too but i use lard not vegetable oil.
    I also fond some gluten, wheat free bread, its not as nice as the normal type but Im used to it and thats nice with a fried egg on top.
    I eat loads of green salad and veg with chicken.
    Its all about trial and error and after a while you realise that its just best to cook everything from scratch.
    make things like soup and stews in batches and freeze them.
    As for the constipation, I suffered something terrible to a point I got an impacted bowel and had to go to hospital. Not that they did anything! if you get some extra strength vitamin c and take about 6 tablets at once it will shift you! but the best one i tried was a product called oxycleanse which is completely safe and I just take it when im desperate. After a while you will get back to normal. Also your gp can prescribe a drink that you need to take in high doses to hwlp you get moving.
    I think its the muscles in your colon that get lazy , mine stopped working on the diet because I had a toxic die off in large doses and I didnt do a cleanse which i should have done. Once oyur body gets used to the new diet you should feel so much better. Its just a long journey. Ithink its going to take me 6 months to get back to normal but I know Im getting there.
    Another thing, I was told that buckwheat is a no no. I dont have wheat, gluten, dairy, fruit (yet) or oats.
    I drink green tea, camomile and lots of water.
    You will get used to it ( hopefully) my sister lasted a few days and gave up, shs been ill for 20 years and had thousands of tests ( all negative) bu she insists the doctors know better lol, even though she hasnt been diagnosed for so long.
    good luck !

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