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    Hi I would love to know if anyone else is experiencing this same symptom. I believe its down to low blood sugar….but even when I have eaten I still experience this feeling of dizziness when I stand up, almost to the point where I feel Im about to lose control of myself and faint.

    If 1) Anyone has encountered this little pest of a symptom before and knows how to get rid of it?

    2) Can explain why I am most likely experiencing this?

    Merry Christmas,


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    Low blood pressure. More salt? Licorice? Maybe exercise?


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    oh man, I got this really bad when I was on the strict forum diet. There were so many times I thought I was going to pass right out (starting to black out kind of feeling, losing my legs etc). Definitely had to hold on to things more than a few times.

    I was told to eat a bit more salt… has helped somewhat.

    I think I prob wasn’t getting nearly enough calories on the diet either. Am eating more now, which has also helped a bit.

    I also just try to not stand up so fast, which is annoying and I forget half the time, but it does work if you kind of stand up in stages, espcially from lying down, or sitting on the couch etc.


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    To add a bit more:

    Do you have an electronic blood pressure measuring device? You should check your BP, as I mentioned above, I suspect it’s low. Cold hands & feet would be another indicator. Could also be a lack of calories.


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    yep, crashed on my butt one time like someone pushed me over and like you blamed it on low blood sugar. I would also get woozy/dizzy just walking around almost like I was drunk or something. You might try to get up slowly after lying down to be on the safe side but, eventually it resolved itself for me…..

    Many blessings.

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