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    Greetings, my friends.
    I’m going to attempt to clear up some confusion about the coating on the tongue if I can without confusing everyone even more. This includes spots of white or yellow on the tongue as well.

    If you have a Candida infestation, there are two different reasons that your tongue can turn either white or yellowish.

    First, your tongue can become discolored with a coating during the detox period. It’s important to keep in mind that, if you are very strict with the diet, drink lots of water, and do not consume meats or processed foods, then your body is continually experiencing a detoxing effect. Some researchers have written that the discoloration during a detox period is due to the excretion toxins. It’s also suggested that the discoloration is an anaerobic bacteria build-up on the tongue.

    The main food of anaerobic bacteria is protein, so this factor leans toward the following; when the tongue discolors due to detoxing there is the big possibility of an excess of protein being expelled from the tongue. One group of researchers discovered 13 different proteins secreted from the tongue during a detoxing period.

    A theory connected to all the information above is, if your normal diet consisted of a great deal of animal protein before beginning a detox, you are probably more than likely to have a discolored, coated tongue because of this factor. It seems to make sense that, the more protein available, the more coating and discoloration.

    IMPORTANT: There are times that the tongue will not become coated or change colors until well into the Candida treatment providing the diet is causing a detoxing effect; this does not mean that the population of Candida has grown in numbers, only that the body is expelling protein and toxins. Keep in mind that eggs contain animal protein, so during the detox period these proteins can also be expelled. In other words, the proteins you eat today could be expelled, showing up as a white coating on the tongue is as short a period as a few days.

    NOTE: Oil-pulling and brushing the tongue can of course clear away the coating for a short period, continuing both can keep the tongue fairly “clean” unless the detoxing effect becomes worse – or, if the diet is broken and the Candida are offered a “feast” – then the infestation itself can become worse also causing additional discoloration.

    Second Reason for a discolored and coated tongue:
    Before starting the detox and diet, a yellow or white coating on the tongue is because Candida is white or a whitish yellow and can be found on the tongue as well as other areas of the body. When Candida albicans thrives on the tongue, as most of you know, this is called oral “thrush.”

    IMPORTANT: If you already had thrush before starting the detox and/or diet, then the coating and discoloration can become worse and more pronounced than before starting the treatment. This is because, now, you have a double reason for the coating; the thrush or Candida on the tongue plus a detoxing effect of expelling toxins and protein through the tongue.



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    Thank you for explaining Able!

    So if my coating is an anaerobic bacteria build up, that would explain why it goes away after eating some yogurt?

    As you know, I am vegetarian, so my only source of protein is eggs and yogurt. I am eating less eggs lately because I am eating more yogurt. About the most egg protein I get now is from the breads.

    Do you suggest that we try to consume less protein if we have this coating or just wait to see if it goes away as the amount of toxins in our body reduces?


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    very good that clears up a lot of questions!!!
    you mate

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