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    I recently stumbled across a prebiotic, Digestin-k, online while looking for a constipation cure. Anyone have any experience with this product or a prebiotic? I read they are more beneficial than probiotics.


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    A prebiotic is just as important as a probiotic, but certainly not more so; that’s because you need to have a reasonable amount of flora in your system when you take the prebiotics, otherwise, it’s much like buying dog food and having no dog to feed.

    A prebiotic is simply any food that will feed the beneficial flora in the human intestines. There are of course other types of prepackaged ready-to-take prebiotic products such as FOS and vegetable fibers. This one you linked to uses kiwi fruit powder as the sole prebiotic.



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    You can eat foods with natural prebiotics instead if you wanted to.

    If you want a good prebiotic, I recommend one called HMF forte.


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