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    Hi guys, so I’ve been on into micro bills and antifungals, and keep biofilms and a few things to help with die off and prokinetics. Although any progress is moving very slowly since I’m also suffering from now only Candida but prostatitis my urologist wants to put me on Antibiotics . I told him I wouldn’t do Antibiotics without antifungals. He doesn’t take my candy too seriously but he’s willing to give me Diflucan. I’d rather have Nystatin but this is what I’ve got to work with I’m reading Diflucan doesn’t work great because Candida quickly builds immunity to it and it doesn’t reach the lower intestines where candida often thrives. I’m going to take care of the lower intestine thing with enemas working it back to the ileocecal valve. I’m reading that you can keep candida from having a tolerance to Diflucan by adding turmeric or curcumin. Has anyone had any experience with this? Does anyone know how it should be administered should it be taking a little before each Diflucan dose or with it? Any idea on the dosage? The information I found so far has been vague on this.


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    What are micro bills?

    Have you considered some natural antifungals instead of diflucan/nystatin? They tend to have fewer side effects.

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