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    I’ve been slowly reintroducing small amounts of banned food back into my diet after being on stage 2 for 10 months.
    I’ve noticed some specific symptoms based on different foods:
    Sugar, Rice=Burping, brain fog, nausea.
    Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes=Rash on my stomach, hair loss, fatigue, ear ringing, bags under my eyes, bad skin.

    I don’t understand why these items (which all feed the yeast) give off such different symptoms. Any insight would be great.


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    If it’s feeding the candida, you’re opening yourself up to the full range of possible symptoms, some of which you mention. Whilst a food might produce a specific candida-related symptom each time, the reaction is just as likely to vary. I would cut back on the cheat foods for now, so as to not proliferate the candida you’ve still got. Depending on the degree of your ‘infection’, 2 months might be too early. I’ve being on the diet for 2 months, and I wouldn’t dream of introducing any cheat foods yet.

    But, then, I do find contentment in small things like buckwheat porridge!



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    How long did you do stage one for? You should be doing this for up to 10 months before going to stage 2…

    We follow different stages on the forum:

    stage 0: detox/cleanse
    stage 1: long term strict anti-candida diet
    stage 2: for when you are basically symptom free, long over die-off, and have no food reactions
    stage 3: basically a healthy non-candida diet

    What kinds of foods were you eating stage 2?

    -Burping, nausea, brain fog, hair loss, rash, ear ringing, bad skin are all candida symptoms.

    -Bags under eyes are a kidney symptom.

    -Rashes are caused by the body detoxing toxins via the skin instead of via the liver or lungs.

    I don’t think you are ready for these foods yet, have you done anything to heal leaky gut?



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    Thanks for the replies. The causes of those specific symptoms makes a lot more sense to me now.
    I was on stage 1 for about 8 months. Then I was on stage 2 for just over 10 months. I thought I would try introducing other foods to test my tolerance. I guess I’m not ready yet?

    Supplements I’ve been taking include Mega Food probiotics, SF-722, oil of oregano, grape fruit seed extract and DGL.I tried taking L-Glutamine but it made me feel very sick/


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