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    The last 2 months I have been eating the same foods to try my best to keep the yeast from growing meanwhile take over the counter anti-fungals. Then, I found a dr last week that said my diet was spot on except for a few items. She said I needed to cut out the 1/3 cup gluten free rolled oats, balsamic vinegar salad dressing and the quinoa. As soon as I heard that, they were eliminated. Since then, I feel as though I’m having die off daily. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m truly starving the candida now…?

    1- Does anyone have a personal experience that validates my suspicion that those foods were feeding the yeast?

    2- I’m feeling itchy all over and restless at night. Does anyone else have these die-off symptoms?

    3- I tried warm lemon water, colonics, dry sauna, and skin brushing – all of which help. Does anyone else have any good suggestions on easing die-off??

    Thanks so much


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    Yes you are starving the yeast much more now. What is best is to take liver support supplements:–will-edit-more-in-time.aspx



    Lora Jayne
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    I have those die off symptoms. Itchy skin and restlessness and extreme fatigue also…

    Vitamin C can help with die off symptoms. Supposed to help you feel a little relieved and can help with the “all-over” sick feeling.

    I have a question as well…

    Does anyone have EXTREME panic attacks/paranoia and general anxiety when experiencing die off?
    I’m so emotional too, I cry a TON. Just wondering if this is all normal…


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    Similar, I have anxiety & depression. I will lay in bed sick with die-off and have anxiety about how scary it is that I don’t have proof of what’s wrong and worrying if it’s in my blood – and I’m facing organ failure. When I do leave the house, I am very anxious, I don’t want to stray too far because I’m worried I’ll get out and start feeling bad and have to endure driving home like that.

    Today I had a break through. I got my blood tests back from my new Dr. (integrative medicine) and I’m showing according to my IG, I previously had candida, but it showed that currently I do not. I wasn’t too comfortable with the chart though. The IG test that related to if it’s currently in my blood / systemic, was 0.9. Apparently if it’s >or equal to 1.0, it’s positive for Candida A systemically / in your blood. Or, if it’s <1.0 it's negative in your blood.

    I do believe I’m on the road to recovery. My proof is my experience. For instance, today I had 5 billion Probiotics, Protease (Plant enzyme) and IntestiNEW (helps repair GI) and Yogurt. Normally when I do all of that, I am sick with die-off. So far, I feel good today. Perhaps it has to do with yesterdays efforts to clean out yeast by sitting in a dry sauna for 20 minutes and then I brushed my skin after. I felt much better immediately. I’m going to continue the diet, sweating/skin brushing, etc. I heard that will help clear the yeast out taking the load off the liver. I also started a liver detox shake with vitamin c, which is helping A LOT with die off.

    If anyone is interested in the diet I am doing which I’m noticing is helping with more die – off, here it is:

    all kinds of vegetables except mushrooms
    apple cidar vinegar/olive oil – salad dressing
    warm water with lemon
    goat cheese
    black bean – no more than 1 cup per day

    On a good note, I’ve lost 14lbs since I started this diet 5/6/2014. I was doing oats & quinoa but noticed as soon as I stopped it caused more die off.

    Today the dr did diagnose me with a Hypothyroid…she said medication should help with fatigue

    Thank you Lora & Raster for you feedback. I hope we can all get better soon.


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