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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone else experiences this. Throughout the day I’ll have pretty minimal die-off. That is I don’t get a ton of die-off from either antifungals or probiotics anymore, but if I start to get when i should eat (I’m not necessarily starving, but I’m hungry for sure) I start to accumulate some pretty crazy die-off that is only abated with a a good sized meal.

    Any theories?

    My thoughts are maybe that with less food to be digested in my gut, the bacteria starts in on the candida more intensely than if there was more food in there. Or maybe that the candida exists more where the food would otherwise be and that without food there, it is more exposed to the bacteria. Or perhaps that there is the same amount of die-off in my gut, but without food in there to absorb the toxins, it enters into my body more easily.

    Any thoughts would be super appreciated.

    Cheers guys.


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    If the diet is meant to help starve out the candida, I would imagine the only thing that could starve them even more is not eating. At the beginning of my treatment, I had worse die-off when I would eat less and less die-off when I would eat more. I figured I was just causing a lot of candida carnage by not giving them anything to gnosh on.


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    I know when I get die-off I tend to want to eat more, and I have to remind myself no. I think it is just the candida begging to be fed, but I remember that I will only feel worse by feeding it; bloating, gas, etc. =(. It is hard sometimes, so I try to make a substitution of something sweet sometimes to fill me up. A bite of maybe the minute muffin suggested here, or I found this sweet little candy to crave me sometimes –


    They sell this at my local health store – just 1 or 2 small little things of this give me a sweet feeling.


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    That makes sense Shay.

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