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    I’m on my third day and I quickened the pace of the plan and am on vegetables (broth, juice, salads and steamed) and a little protein and my supplements and I’m doing fine. And I have brain fog and a bit of vertigo and perceptual confusion. I think it’s die-off? Or, is it just from the candida? How does one tell the difference? Candida produces such a long list of symptoms.
    It’s great to have this forum here to bounce things off of!


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    That sounds like be detox symptoms unless you were getting them before you started the cleanse? Stick with it, that feeling will pass. You are doing your body good.


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    Hello, LC.

    One way to know whether or not you’re having die-off symptoms or something else is to purchase a product by the name of Candidate. This product contains several herbs which are known to be excellent at safe toxin elimination. It works immediately for me when I am going through a die-off period, and I take it at least three times a day. So, when you’re having these symptoms, take the Candidate, and if the symptoms stop or lessen greatly shortly afterwards, then there’s a good chance that the symptoms were from the die-off.

    The best of luck on your journey to health.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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