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    Hi all,

    Sugar alcohols aren’t growing factor for candida. In fact, some of them such as Erythritol acts synergistic with some antifungal substances.

    In addition to it, sugar alcohols are a good growing media for LAB bacteria and increase the secretion of antifungal acids by these bacterias.

    Then, when you sweet your Kefir with Truvia, you are feeding LAB and boosting the antifungal activity these bacteria offer.


    The controlled lactic fermentation is a common method for food preservation. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) manifest antagonistic activity mainly against Gram-negative bacteria but the growth of some Gram-positive is inhibited, too. Yeasts and moulds manifest slight or no sensitivity to the LAB metabolism products. In this study antagonistic activity of selected Lactobacillus strains (n=12) against fungi was investigated. Polyhydroxyalcohols (glycerol, lactitol, erythritol, sorbitol, mannitol) were added to basic MRS agar (10 g l −1 ). Lactobacillus bacteria multiplied effectively in the presence of polyhydroxyalcohols inhibiting the growth of fungi ( Fusarium latenicum, Mucor hiemalis, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus ochraceus, Candida mycoderma, Alternaria alternata, Geotrichum candidum ). The most effective antagonistic activity was observed in the presence of sorbitol.


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    This is good news. Thank you.

    Do you have a link for this?


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    This is good to hear, I have to have an MRI for my small intestines next week and I was horrified to hear I had to drink a solution of Mannitol.
    I hated the idea I’d be consuming a sugar alcohol whilst on this diet and that my commitment to not cheating would be broken essentially.

    I hope all goes well.


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    Sugar alcohols aren’t a growth factor with candida but be cautious with its possible effect of causing cravings or toying with insulin factors. Sugar alcohols have caused me to be slightly lethargic in the past coupled with cravings. To some degree I think sugar alcohols trick the body into thinking that sugar is coming into the body when it really isn’t. So in response the body lowers insulin levels in anticipation of sugar coming in. Lower insulin can result in feeling somewhat lethargic. Lower insulin can cause sugar cravings.

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