Did I catch a cold or is it die-off? Please Help!

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    Hello everyone!

    This is probably an impossible question to answer but appreciate any input from anyone with experience. I’ve been on a vegan candida diet for almost two months (all veggies!). I’ve been taking antifungals, vitamins, probiotic digestive enzymes, betaine HCL. About two weeks ago I got a really bad sore throat out of nowhere, my BB was worse, I had tonsil stones (I think my tongue thrush and esophageal candida caused this). The sore throat was interfering with my busy lifestyle causing me to get impatient, so I went to the doctor and got a two week perscription for Flucanozole. So far no changes!
    Original Symptoms:
    Bad Breath
    Acid Reflux (Bloting and throat globus feeling – sometimes I feel like I lose my voice)
    Loud Digestive Noises
    Brain fog
    Tongue Thrush

    I have 4 days left on Flucanozole and 2 days ago I got a really bad cold and a sore throat, which I’m still dealing with but not as bad.I am taking herbal teas to help with this, no antibiotics, I’ve stopped taking all pills for now except for flucanozole and vitamins. My roommate had a cold the day before. This is where my question comes in, could I gotten it from her or would it be die off? Because since I’ve had the cold I’ve had some of my candida symptoms worsen, some appeared out of nowhere but some have gotten better.

    – Since I got the cold – I’ve had constant chills,sore throat, bad breath, tonsil stones, vaginal discharge and occasional vaginal irritation, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite (but I still eat!)

    Symptoms that have gone: Disgestive noises (not completely gone but have decreased a lot), bloating (discomfort) after eating is gone.


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    It’s great that your digestive symptoms have mostly gone. The headaches, chills etc could easily be a cold or flu. Or they could be die-off too. But if the timeline doesn’t match up with any changes in your regimen (e.g. introducing probiotics) then I’d guess it’s the flu.

    Unfortunately, the symptoms of a Herx reaction are very similar to flu symptoms!

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