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    I am wondering if anyone has had experiences with these two particular products. I started taking colloidal silver about a week ago and diatomaceous earth 2 days ago.

    I am on a moderate candida diet. I include root vegetables and brown rice (I limit white potatoes and white rice), and some vinegars, but I don’t eat any fruit, sweeteners, or ferments, for I find those particularly bad for flare ups.

    I also take about an once of apple cyder vinegar a day and (2)25 billion 8 strain probiotics.

    I have; digestive issues (bloating, flatulence, indigestion), foggy brain, fatigue, arthritis, vaginal infections, and several food sensitivities (gluten/wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, oats, cocao, avocado). My symptoms started about 4 years ago, I am 22 and have had issues since I was 18. The past month or so my candida symptoms have been particularly severe, I am guessing since I attempted to remedy the problem with the GAPS diet and ate too much fruit.

    Anyway, I have heard mixed info on diatomaceous earth, some say it only kills parasites, some say it kills candida as well due to the fact candida has an exoskeleton?

    Colloidal silver I’ve heard more definite support for killing candida but can have unintended side effects.

    So, if you guys have any experience or advice it would be much appreciated.

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