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    Hi I am a 28 year old woman and have recently been diagnosed with several allergies in fact right now i can count on my right hand how many foods i am NOT allergic to. I know know how this happened but its pretty depressing to say the least. I used to be able to eat anything i wanted besides kiwi and lobster which i was always allergic to but nothing eles bothered me. Then i became a binge eater a
    nd got sick all the time, i just never felt good and no one knew why. I started getting chronic hives and i went to an allergist who tested for about 10 things and i tested positive to 8 of those items and i wanted a second opinion so i went to another allergist who tested more allergies and came back i had several allergies. Corn being my worst. Wheat and corn will make my neck swell bad, I dont have any other symptoms with it but that which is weird but my neck swells everyday its just worse when i eat them. I also have a high white blood count, i am looking to find other people like me. I would like to hear your story, I think this is so odd how so many people are becoming allergic to so many foods when years ago allergies rarely exsisted.
    I have a food allergy facebook page if anyone would like to join.



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    Candida is sure to be the root cause….just like with me! The best thing that helped me with my allergies, long before I had even knew I had Candida, was taking a substantial amount of Omega 3 supplements (about 4800 mg/day) in the form of fish oil and flaxseed oil. Whether or not this will help you like it did me, it is still good for you to take anyway.

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