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    I just wanted to share my story of how my Candida was healed. I had been an athlete most my life I did competitive cheer and gymnastics and attributed my many yeast infections to thong underwear and sweat. I ate out most days of the week because of my hectic schedule and would consume slices of bread daily as a snack,I was carb addicted but didn’t see an issue since I was so physically fit. After high school my yeast infections got worse even though I was no longer working out so much. I saw gynocologist galore,I changed my soaps,my detergents,my underwear and even one suggested it may be my boyfriend at the time since he was uncircumsized that was causing the issue. It was horrible! At this point I had yeast infections every single month only going a week or two with relief from treatment and then getting yeast infections again. I was finally given a year prescription for Dyflucan and told to just take it once a month. I would cry to my mom constantly I felt embarrassed and tired and half crazy to be honest. I became somewhat of a hermit because I also had dibilitating IBS to the point where I was afraid to leave my house for fear I wouldn’t be able to get to the bathroom in time if needed. This was all very embarrassing to me and made me very depressed. I finally started searching the web and found the candida diet,I took the survey and was convinced this was what I had. A visit to a holistic doctor and a few test later I was diagnosed.I felt so relieved I was willing to do anything at this point because I was so sick.I had constant yeast infections, severe IBS, and a recurring ring worm spot on my arm. I also had acne and severe fatique. My doctor prescribed colloidal silver,probiotics,and the Candida diet. I must say since then,5 yrs ago I’m impressed at how much the diet has gotten better but while back then the diet was pretty basic it was the same concepts and I immediately started to get better. I continued the regimen for 2 months,I dropped 30 pounds healed my gut to where to this day I rarely have a yeast infection or bouts with my IBS and have never gotten ring worm or any fungus related issues since. I am now able to consume sugars and carbs without any issues although I still limit for weight and health reasons. Its been 3 years since ive had any yeast infections, I got one while pregnant but that’s not abnormal. The candida diet changed my life! I felt very alone throughout my journey,none of my friends or family had ever heard of Candida overgrowth but it was websites like this that gave me the tools and recipes to thrive and heal myself through diet. At one point Candida consumed my life but now I never even think about it except when I’m feeling grateful its gone! Do the hard work and you will see results. Its hard, I know ive been there, but its so worth it and when you get sick enough you will do anything to get well. I hope this helped or will inspire someone to dig deep and do what they have to to fight this.


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    Dear friend

    thank you very much for sharing your story with us. We who are still struggling really need to hear such a wonderful story of healing.

    thank you


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    Thanks so much for sharing. It sounds wonderful to know that what we are doing will too at some time in our lives bring us peace.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your uplifting story.


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    Thanks so much for sharing that with us. We’re still at varying degrees of recovery and it’s great to hear from someone who has “been there done that”. And I think we all accept that we’ll never go back to our “old ways” because we’ve found a healthier way of living!



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    Love hearing your story of success! 🙂

    Just curious how long you were on the diet before you were able to eat regular foods again? Do you still eat many of the antifungal foods now in your diet such as garlic, onions, rutabaga?

    I would love to hear what you do in order to maintain your health but enjoy a variety of food.

    So glad you are happy and healthy now. I am ready for my life to revolve a little less around this and more on other things!

    Thanks for sharing!!


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