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    I was wondering if anyone has resolved their candida while being diabetic. more specifically, if your glucose level is kind of high, 200 or less.

    my problem is almost like a catch 22. I have something called itp, which is an immune disorder where the immune system kills off platelets. my platelet count is very, very low, around 10k. I am convinced the fungal infection causes my autoimmune problem. the problem is when I keep my blood sugar normal, it actually makes your blood less thick and then I have bleeding problems.
    I really am stuck.
    has anyone managed to do this with diabetes? or does anyone have any ideas?


    ps, I should add, even if you keep your glucose in check, there are times you go low and need some quick acting glucose which hurts your candida diet


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    You will likely want to consult a naturopathic doctor who can tailor the diet and supplements to your needs and problems…these topics are a bit more complex than what we typically deal with on the forum.



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    Look into gymnema sylvestre, it’s great for diabetes and candida at the same time, it moderates blood sugar levels and also prevents yeast from turning fungal. Talk to your DR about it first of course, print off some info you find about it

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