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    This is kind of a loaded question.

    I suffered from psychosis a few years ago due to what I thought was drugs. Went on antipsychotics, smoked weed / did shrooms sometimes, then finally quit all drugs and my symptoms went away for a couple years.

    Some of these symptoms:
    – Obsession with numbers
    – Dream like reality feeling
    – Fogginess
    – Strange thoughts (hard to explain but definitely psychosis related)

    Anyways, I started the candida diet about 4 months ago and last month had to add back in carbs due to my thyroid levels going out of wack. I read that this can be caused by low carb diets. So, added in brown rice and quinoa. Also some fruit broke the diet a couple times withs slices of pizza and hot sauce.

    At first I started feeling better, then I started feeling like shit physically (ear pain, itchy scalp, acne etc). I also started regaining some of my psychosis symptoms and sleeping a ton…

    I can’t tell if the psychosis is candida related or in my genes. My symptoms never really did start getting a ton better before I broke the strict diet anyways. Also, if the psychosis is due to the candida and was caused by breaking the diet, now I’m having to choose between cutting carbs and developing a bad thyroid and adding rice/carbs but having psychosis symptoms.

    I’m not laying everything out perfectly, but hopefully you get the picture or can help me look at the problem from a different perspective.


    king tut
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    Google Dr Wilson and healing and retracing reactions. Sometimes in the process of getting better you have to relive old traumas and feelings as your body heals old viruses and infections that it didn’t have the strength to before. Could be part of the puzzle here.

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