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    Hi, i’ve been suffering with many symptoms of Candida overgrowth for a few years now and have now come to the point where i really want to get it sorted and under
    control. I’ve been reading lots of articles/pages/posts on the internet about the diet, detox, cleanse and die off symptoms and have probably ended up confusing myself.

    I’m wanting to start the diet with the detox or cleanse and want to know if i will be doing it safely and effectively.

    Heres my plan.

    First thing in the morning drink a glass of warm water. (perhaps with some fresh lemon juice in)

    Breakfast – either a portion of vegetable broth soup (the actual vegetables discarded after simmering in water) or some form of salad/steamed vegetables taken from the allowed foods page.

    Lunch and Dinner – same as breakfast pretty much, perhaps with a hard boiled egg if i’m needing a little pick me up or more energy!

    Also throughout the day I plan to drink 2 detox drinks – Glass of water with 1 flat tablespoon of soluble fiber (i have purchased FyboGel, a product advertised for gently relieving constipation and maintaining regularity) I’m guessing this is just to help things move along in the intestines as in the restricted diet there wouldn’t be any fibre or bulky foods? It really didn’t appeal to me to take Bentonite Clay or Physillum Husks (as i’ve heard they can be a bit harsh on the body so i chose to leave these out of my detox. Would this be a suitable detox drink?

    Also each evening i will drink a liver flush drink – Glass of water, 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, 1 clove garlic and a chunk of fresh ginger. I guess this is to do as the name suggests, and flush my liver from all the toxins the die off causes?

    I have also purchased some Vitamin C Capsules which i plan to take as a cleansing supplement, and some milk thistle to support my liver?

    When i have done the detox/cleanse for a week or so i will begin the strict Candida diet and introduce Pro-biotics (starting with a lower number of active bacteria) and Antifungals (Caprylic Acid and Oil Of Oregan) and leaving at least a week between introducing these.

    I just want to know really if this all sounds a safe and effective way of detoxing?

    Any feedback you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Michelle


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    Your plan sounds good for the most part, just a few things I’d change. Read the protocol the forum uses to fine tune yours and to know when to make changes.

    The Protocol

    Allowed Foods List


    Molybdenum and Die-off



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    Hi thanks for your reply and all the info you’ve supplied.

    A quick question about Molybdenum, i can’t seem to find it anywhere on the high street and have struggled to find the correct product on the internet (unless i pay around $40 for shipping and postage which i think is a bit excessive!)

    I have managed to find a tablet form called Chelated Molybdenum which is 150mcg tablet, rather than the 250mcg you suggest.

    Would this still be suitable?



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    I forgot to say i’m from the UK and it doesn’t seem to be in our shops


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    MK88 wrote: I forgot to say i’m from the UK and it doesn’t seem to be in our shops

    Hi Michelle – I’m pretty sure you can use this product Nutri Centre Link

    It’s in a smaller dose, but if you check the website that actually makes them hereyou will see they are in the form of an amino acid chelate, which is what is needed.

    I also bought the Swedish Bitters from here.


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    Thanks for your help sammcl, glad to say i’ve now ordered some so will be ready to start my cleanse soon

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