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    I am cutting out all antifungals and probiotics to try detox for awhile. Does this sound correct as
    1. Nettle tea and 1,000 l-glutamine
    2. sLlippery elm capsule
    3.molybdenum 4 150mg tablets spread out thruout day
    4. milk thistl drops also spread out thruout day…
    morn detox drink w/sodium-benotite yerba prima liquid and renew life organic clear fiber (organic acacia) followed by glass lemon water.
    Otherwise I will folow plan with evening liver detox and the vegetables described with organic eggs as needed.

    Is the organic acacia OK?
    Is the nettle tea and 1000 l-glutamine OK?
    Is it OK that the bentonite is a liquid?
    Is Natures Way slippery elm has gelatin and magnesium?
    OK to spread out the milk thistle drops…with or without food OK?
    If headachy can I grab a little black coffee? (I’m guessing no)

    Thanks very much!

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