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    [Does anyone know if dessicated coconut has been sweetened? I have been making a recipe found on here which is delicious, but have noticed since eating it most days for over a week, i have the terrible itching on the roof of my mouth again, which wakes me in the night. The recipe uses ground whole almonds, flaxseed, cocoa nibs and dessicated coconut, coconut oil, the only thing i can think is that the dessicated coconut has been sweetened, but does not state on the packet, i buy it from a health food store here in England.b][/b]


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    Maybe the almonds have mould on them that you’re reacting to. Do you have a reaction to eating almonds on their own? Does the desiccated coconut have any ingredients?


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    Having been in the commercial coconut market professionally – both sweetened and unsweetened – dessicated coconut is simply the dried coconut meat completely unsweetened.

    I would assume they would have to state on the label “sweetened dessicated coconut”. You might look at the label to see what sugar and carbs it shows in the nutritional panel. Or, the ingredient list – it would have to state sweetened not just dessicated.

    The BEST dessicated coconut I’ve found hands down is Bob’s Red Mill Flaked Coconut Unsweetened. The flake size is uniquely large and crunchy: think of putting some flakes in your yogurt for a different texture, something to chew on….good stuff, Maynard. Try using it with this forum’s coconut bread recipes….yummy!



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    I would ditch the cacao and nuts…neither of those are good for someone trying to get rid of candida.

    It also could be that it’s triggering a die-off reaction. What’s diet like and what supplements are you taking?

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