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    Hi all.

    I’m new here and my first post, but I hope you can help me.

    I’ve known I’ve had candida for years even though the docs won’t recognize it.

    Have others had this depersonalization thing? Anyone feel trapped in their own body?

    It’s so scarey and any help would be useful to cope and to get back to normal.

    The only thing I take is garlic pearls which seem to help.

    My other symptoms are burning under the skin like I’m on fire and my heart pounds away in my chest, all cured by taking garlic.

    So glad to have found this forum. Hope you can reply soon.

    Regards to everyone who is suffering, we’ll get though it

    Best wishes



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    I can relate. I think alot of the anxiety and mental struggles that we deal with come from the fact that doctors think we are crazy when we mention candida as causing symptoms. So now we are not only battling yeast and the effects on our body, but also the standard medical community who will instead suggest you see a psychiatrist at the mention of candida.

    Alot of my struggles come from not being able to eat normal food. Its not that I want to go gorge on pizza and ice cream all day, but most social activities at least in this area are structured around beer drinking and eating greasy food. Not to mention the loads of junk food people bring into the office every day and then we have to try to explain to people why we dont want any dohnuts or breakfast pizza.


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    jereseib79;35737 wrote: Alot of my struggles come from not being able to eat normal food. Its not that I want to go gorge on pizza and ice cream all day, but most social activities at least in this area are structured around beer drinking and eating greasy food. Not to mention the loads of junk food people bring into the office every day and then we have to try to explain to people why we dont want any dohnuts or breakfast pizza.

    You’re right, the hardest pressure is breaking out of the routine of ‘normal food’. I have just started to view this diet as normal instead, because to be honest it’s much healthier than what society has taught us to be ‘normal’…


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    I have the same problem man!
    I feel sooo depersonalized, derealized and just feel plain weird sometimes, it is indescribable…It’s amongst the most awful feelings I have ever experienced in my life.

    I really hope this is related to candida and will go away for both of us (all of us who have this problem) once we get rid of candida, cause it’s really scary sometimes.

    I try to describe it to my friends but the closest I can get to describing it is:
    “You know when you eat something that tastes and smells really weird and bad, and then even though you washed your teeth and even though few hours have passed, you still have that taste of it in your mouth and it constantly reminds you of how bad it tasted. Well, now just imagine a mental version of that feeling, except it is waaaaay worse. No matter how much you try to relax and make yourself feel better, you still have that awful “taste” in your mind that blocks you from feeling happy, doing what you usually do, from literally feeling like yourself…and the only thing that can change it is time and/or sleep. So eventually you hope that tomorrow you will wake up without it, but sometimes it can last for few days.”

    So please lets make this topic alive, because I’m really interested to see how each of us will progress. Some people say it may also have something to do with amalgam fillings (mercury poisoning), but I think this is first and foremost a consequence of candida…How about rest of you guys???

    Also I DID notice that at about the time this awful feeling starts subsiding my stomach usually makes loud noises (maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I personally wouldn’t say so).


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    For some years I suffered derealization – as compared to depersonalization, which is a personality split rooted usually in psychological trauma. Mine was due to taking a powerful anti-convulsant that caused extreme anxiety. It was pretty awful; I sometimes didn’t know if I was even real. It went with beta-blockers (which stop the adrenal response). I get it to a lesser extent with die-off, and I assume it is related to the flood of toxins across the blood-brain barrier. Molybdenum really helps. I hope yours improves – and in the meantime take some ‘comfort’ that it’s most likely a conquest of the malign maiden.



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    I worry that I could end up feeling trapped inside my own body. I don’t really feel it yet but I think i could if I start to react to more things on the diet (see my other posts). I’m scared that I could end up like one of those really extreme people you read about in tabloid newspapers who only eat two things for each and every meal because they say they react to every other thing they eat.


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    Hey thanks for sharing your story and for the recommendation Imm. So many people have recommended molybdenum to me ass soon as I mentioned the brain fog, lack of concentration and similar symptoms…but I cannot seem to be able to find it anywhere. Hopefully soon I’ll set up my bank account and credit card and buy it online. I’m not sure how much is sauna effective compared to molybdenum though? Would I even notice anything after going hardcore sauna for one day? 😀

    Also I didn’t quite understand your last sentence, (as you can see I’m not a brilliant English speaker) but it sounds scary :S

    Anyway I personally feel that reasons for these weird feelings are either candida, mercury poisoning, or some other intestine related thing. And I won’t stop until I find out what’s going on with me.


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    Bleah, the internet ate my first reply :p

    What I basically said was that I can identify and that a new mindset around all of this really helped. Instead of seeing my body as the enemy, I see the candida as the enemy, and my body as a friend I need to help through my lifestyle (diet/low stress/supplements/etc).


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    I’ve had years of research into my anxiety, candida, hypoglycemia and it’s all connected. I don’t know if this is even going to read correctly, but here goes.

    I was “cured” by making and eating a Victoria sponge cake!! Let me explain. There’s a lot of baking progs on TV in the UK at the moment and as I used to bake when younger I thought I’d give it a try. To cut a very long story short, I ended up with diahorrea and visiting the bathroom a lot. The doctor suggested I try removing wheat from my diet! Absolutely amazing! I felt relaxed and in top condition. Anyway, turns out my GP thinks I have Celiac Disease which is an autoimmune disease and I think it runs in my fathers side of the family as he had different symptoms but all linked to Celiac. One of the symptoms of Celiac is Hypos! There was my missing link. We all know that a high sugar intake helps candida to flourish. Google Celiac and Candida and the two go hand in hand.

    As I’m on restricted food ie no wheat I have rice cakes (they’re a bit like a cracker) and I was putting copious amount of honey on them. Turns out Honey is a no-no for candida which I didn’t know.

    My candida seems to move around. For months it’s given me twitching in my right foot, now it’s moved to my brain and giving me these depersonalization feelings.

    I find garlic tabs help. Certainly gets rid of the burning sensation under my skin and my pounding heart when that starts.

    This depersonalization is just Toxins in the brian I think and I try to see it as that.


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    We’re in my domain now!!

    Derealisation and depersonalisation (they go hand in hand) can be caused by a few different things. However, it is a primarily a the brain’s reaction when it perceives a certain stressor. People who are in car accidents, for instance, sometimes describe a sensation of not really being there. As if it were not real. This is, or so I believe, the body’s way of protecting the fragile psyche from being overwhelmed during a particularly traumatic experience.

    Accordingly, chronic DP and DR occur as a result of stress in the body. However, it can be complicated by other factors. For instance, if the anxious person experiences DP or DR they will become traumatised by the experience as it is so foreign and unpleasant. This will cause them to: a) become more stressed and b) examine the experience. If you take a physical or psychological experience and become preoccupied with its occurrence, it will be amplified and it could become psychosomatic. For example, sit for the next 30 seconds and think about your left foot. Just notice all the sensations, temperatures, pain, textures etc. I bet you noticed something that wasn’t there. If something was particularly unpleasant or particularly worrisome, you might become preoccupied with that sensation.

    So, chronic stress and preoccupation with the feeling perpetuate DR and DP. However, it can be complicated further (oh goody, lucky us!). Let us now introduce Mr Candida (no relation of Mrs Candida here on the forum, or so I am told). Mr Candida, as we all know, produce a number of toxins including neurotoxins that affect the functionality of the brain and nervous system. This can often lead to brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, depression and general malaise. If you feed those feelings into the experience of DR and DP then they become amplified and are complicated in the swell of human experience that goes on from moment to moment in our day to day existence.

    The remedy, then, which is much easier said than done, is to correct the dysbiosis (or other biological imbalance), decrease your anxiety/stress levels, and accept the experience as transient and nothing to fear. Simple! (naaat)

    I’ve been suffering with this stuff on and off for years. It happens to me when I want to feel my closest to my surroundings. For example, it occurs frequently to me when I go for a walk in the woods. When I’m at home I’m not too fussed if I feel connected and so I don’t think about it, but as a lay-buddhist I like to experience nature in an untainted and refreshing manner and as soon as I step out the front door I become preoccupied with my ability to do so and so sensation of detachment whirs up. I’ll get there in the end though 🙂 I’ve overcome my anxiety and preoccupations before and I’ll do it again.

    Good luck on your journey!


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    And just to add, so you know it isn’t always that complicated, it can also be caused by something as simple as sleep apnea which leads to disrupted sleep cycles and chronic fatigue. If this is the issue then you’re in a better situation than I.


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    Hey Cheesy! Thank you sooo much for this!

    Hmmm I actually have Sleep Apnea on my “possible causes of low concentration and bad memory” list 🙂 but it is in the section of the list called “less likely” 🙂

    Now it is extremely interesting to hear from you that it can actually cause DP/DR as well!!!

    I have noticed that very often I have disrupted breathing patterns during the sleep due to me being all uptight even in my dreams 😀 (I have the ability to be aware and half-awake most of the times when I sleep (perhaps that itself is also a separate problem?)).

    Although for some reason I don’t think DP/DR is caused by pure psychological factors such as stress…at least not in my case, cause I’ve been ALWAYS under stress, I’m a very prone to being angry and stressed over stupid and unimportant things, yet I started noticing this only last year.

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