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    One of my favorite foods is Japonica rice,it is so yummy and nutty tasting.Here is one of my favorite ways to eat.Japonica rice is high in antioxidants,mung beans are very healing (mung bean soup is wonderful for those with sensitive digestion;it is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe used to heal all three doshas).

    -Japonica rice
    -extra virgin olive oil
    -mung beans,soaked overnight and thoroughly drained
    -vegetables such as spinach,kale,bok choy,zucchini,arugula
    -spices such as cinnamon,ginger( ideally fresh),turmeric,oregano

    -cook japonica rice and mung beans in rice cooker
    -wash greens and gently dry;toss in bowl with olive oil
    -when cooked and cooled,add rice and beans,top with spices.I especially love cinnamon and rice together.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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