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    Reading Dr. Trowbridge and Galland, I have noticed how they confirm most of the fungal intestinal colonies growth in the cecum and transverse colon.
    After that, I have been thinking how difficult or impossible is for most antifungals to reach those lower areas. Most of the antifungal substances are absorbed in the upper intestinal tract and get the bloodstream. That is the case of Oregano Oil, Caprylic Acid, etc.

    I have taken around 15 spoon of Coconut Oil some days without noticing any greasy stool in my BM, so you can image how the fat is also absorbed.

    Nystatin enemas are mentioned in most of the candida books written by MD, and many people that left success testimonies in the web have used enemas. For instance, Nystatin is poorly absorbed by the intestinal lining but when taken orally, it reaches the colon very diluted, so administered by enemas it can reach the colon stronger.

    The colon is home of around 3 pounds of microbiota, our friendly flora, I can not image a colon full of candida colonies.

    I am sure antifungal enemas will be an important part of any candida treatment in the future, at least science find a different type of antifungal drug. It is logical that the colon, which is possibly the main target, be out of the reach of our current weapons.

    I am absolutely convinced any candida sufferer with an intestinal overgrowth will get excellent results using antifungal enemas. It may be what is missing to eradicate this infection totally. Only guessing, but it is my view about how difficult is to target the colon with oral antifungals and why the treatment is so slow . I am favoring both way, orally and rectally.
    From an Australian website:

    Enema – The benefits of a Nystatin enema cannot be overemphasized. Many people have experienced tremendous relief of their symptoms and renewed energy levels after having an enema. The main purposes for doing a Nystatin enema are: 1) to kill Candida in the lower bowel because it is not easily reached by anti-fungal agents, and 2) to cleanse the lower bowel.
    Use either an enema bag, which has a long hose and nozzle on it, or a bulb-type syringe. If an enema bag is used there must be a place to hang it up at door knob level because it works on gravity. This enema should be done a maximum of twice a week. Before administering the enema get prepared:

    If Possible administer the enema in the bathroom, or close to it.
    Lay a large old towel on the floor covered with a large plastic bag.
    Clean out the bowel with one quart of purified water.
    Mix one teaspoon of Nystatin powder into one quart of purified water that is at body temperature. The water must not be too warm nor too cold because it will trigger the bowel to expel it too quickly.
    How to administer the enema:

    Lubricant the end of the nozzle with olive or coconut oil and make sure the clamp on the hose of the enema bag is closed. Since syringes only hold about a cup have the container of solution close by so it can be refilled.
    Insert the nozzle gently and carefully
    Release the clamp if using an enema bag, which uses gravity to gradually let the solution into the rectum. If using a syringe squeeze it very slowly. Do not put it in too fast because it will trigger the bowel to empty. Keep refilling the syringe until all of the solution is gone.
    Try to lie very still for as long as you can before allowing the bowel to empty.

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