Day 6

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    uggghhhh im so frustrated…

    i was doing so well yesterday. no sugar, no carbs, no coffee – i even spiralized zucchini to make pasta (yum!) and then i went over to my boyfriends house. he was hungry so we ordered a pizza. i thought ‘well, ill just order a salad and pick off the toppings from his pizza. no biggie.” well…instead of doing what i had said, i at 2 slices of pizza and drank some of his rootbeer. not only did i have greasy gluteny bread, i also had cheese, processed meat, pickled veggies and sugar 🙁 yesterday was NOT my day. i didnt really feel adverse effects from it other than just feeling really down on myself.

    Other than that slip, i need to celebrate how well ive been doing otherwise. I’ve replaced my regular milk with coconut milk and turned down sweets every day (except for 1 slip) during this entire 6 day period. Considering that im a total choco-holic, i believe that i deserve a big pat on the back for this accomplishment.

    I know that this anti-candida diet is an all-or-nothing approach, but i’ve decided to take things more slowly. If i slip and have some bread or cheese or wine once in a while, im not going to linger on it. i will just do better the next day.

    what this means in NO CARBS today. i know that i can do it. i’ll let myself indulge in a little more yummy fats and more zucchini pasta and things will go nice and smooth.

    thank you, stevia 🙂

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