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    Has anybody else dealt with constipation while going on the diet? I already did 3 colonics in the last three weeks so I skipped right ahead into the diet and antifungals. I am following the diet very strict but have not had any bowel movements since I started the program. You would think by eating only healthy natural food with plenty of fiber that I would go more but it seems to be regressing the other way. I can tell a difference already but am concerned that im not moving toxins out.


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    Are you drinking enough water? In general, a high fiber diet helps with constipation – but if you aren’t getting enough water then fiber can have the opposite effect. I definitely notice a difference if I haven’t had enough to drink. The rule of thumb is your weight in pounds divided by 2 = the minimum # of ounces of water you should drink daily. I hope things get moving for you soon!


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    Besides drinking al lot of water you might add psyllium husks to you day. But start slowly.


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    As the poster above said, psyllium husks are really good at getting things moving. I’ve been taking it and it’s really helping as I have a big problem with constipation.

    I would also recommend taking the detox drink that is mentioned on the website for the cleansing phase. You don’t HAVE to do the cleanse, but the drink is very beneficial. It’s made with betonite clay and psyllium husks. The clay is undigestable and latches on to toxins on it’s way out. The psyllium husks helps keep things moving and so removes the toxins from the clay faster. You need to take both together though, otherwise if you are constipated the clay will just get stuck in your intestines.


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    I had the same problem! I did a fast and cleanse and came back to NOTHING – I was drinking 4 litres a day and eating the healthies diet I ever had. I have suffered from constipation for many years so I was frustrated but my acupuncturist put me on some herbs (peach stone, apricot stone and linseed) and I have been going every day. I started on 8 tablets a day and I’m down to 5 now but the best thing is that combined with the diet, it’s teaching my body to go AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY – this is the most amazing thing to me!

    So, you may just need to kick start your body into getting used to the diet. As my acupuncturist said, it’s in a state of shock and confusion!

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