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    I´m about 3 months in a strict candida diet. Is so bad eat 50 grams of dark chocolate? Is the only sugar I eat. Another sugar I eat is tomatoes. But is the only thing I eat. the rest of my diet consists in eggs, vegetables, meat and tomatoes.


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    Depends on what is mixed with that dark chocolate,and how bad your candida is.

    I can eat vegan dark chocolate occasionally but mine doesnt have dairy and very little sugar, and I know how I will react.

    If you wanted to try some, you could take a small cube of it and journal your reaction to it.
    So much of this is trial and error, because everyone has candida to a different degree.

    No one wants to say what is okay for another when it comes to cheat-foods, because no one wants to be responsible for a bad reaction.



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    I know it’s tempting – and you feel like you’ve worked so hard on your diet, that you deserve a little treat.

    You may also believe one little piece of chocolate won’t hurt..but here’s the thing….

    When does it stop?! When is too little too little?! Before you know it, you’ve finished munching through a whole bar of chocolate!

    I know it sounds harsh, but when you’re on a diet to beat your candidia, you have to stick to it TOTALLY and not allow any ammunition for that infection to grow.

    If you have a sugar craving, have you tried Stevia? It’s a sugar substitute which has 300 times the sweetness of sugar but no adverse effect on your blood glucose. Many (including myself) take it as part of a carbohydrate controlled diet.



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    I am in the same boat..3rd month on strick diet and can kill for a piece of chocolate 😣what is vegan chocolate?


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    Dark chocolate is one of the hardest ones for me as well… Damn! Lol, I would look for specialty dark chocolate that is sweetened using Erythritol, Stevia or Xylitol. Or try making your own!

    The thing to worry about in that case would be the cocoa/caffeine. It might cause a reaction, but at least you aren’t consuming sugar!

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