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    Hi Comrades,

    I feel like the biggest wimp posting this as you all have been on restricted diets far longer than I, but my cravings are pushing my will power to the limits. I am doing everything to combat them but fear I am weakening in resolve.

    I am dying to eat a piece of dark chocolate… I know this is because of that time of the month and my magnesium is low so I have been taking a full dose of magnesium supplement to combat this. It is barely holding the flood gates of my craving closed. 😛 It also doesn’t help that chocolate is all around me with my son, hubby and EASTER! GAAAHHH!

    Ok, other issues. Coffee… not even caffeinated… just decaf. I cheated with a cup… no sugar just milk. The guilt is terrible but worse is the itchy ears that keep rubbing in my naughtiness.

    Sweets in general I would LOVE to also just have a nibble, but haven’t because I know sugar will put me back to square one. How does everyone get passed this???

    Are these cravings possibly a sign that my candida is dying and is fighting back but I am actually winning?

    I haven’t had much die off issues since the cleanse and actually have been thinking I am not doing enough to kill the candida. I wish it was as easy as a litmus test to find out my levels.

    This is basically what I am doing:

    I eat plain yogurt for breakfast with pumpkin seeds in it.
    Most days I usually have 1 hard boiled egg mid morning.
    I drink a tonic of lemon, coconut oil (1 tblspn), 10 drops of GSE and about 1/16 tspn of stevia)
    I eat a salad everyday for lunch with homemade dressing made from kefir, fresh garlic, EVOO and approved spices. Salad only has approved veggies on it and occasionally sunflower seeds.
    Afternoon I either drink a liver detox tea or more of the lemon tonic below.
    Occasionally I have a small handful of walnuts or I drink kefir mid afternoon if I am too hungry to get to dinner. Do all nuts and seeds (pumpkin and sunflower need to be soaked and toasted before eaten?)
    Dinner is another salad with same dressing, approved veggies and an approved meat. Sometimes I put some brown rice on the salad too if I have some made.

    Supplements are
    Vitamin C 1000mg
    Garlic Extract 2 tabs at 600 mg each
    Thyroid support 2 tabs (Pantothenic acid 100 mg, Iodine 100mcg, Copper .5 mg, manganese .5 mg, L-tyrosine 500 mg, Ashwagandha 150 mg, Guggul 120 mg)
    Probiotic (2 tabs at 3 billion cells each) – this will increase to 30 billion when my husband gets back from the states with quality probiotic
    Fish oil (Omega 3 EPA and DHA 2,126 mg)
    I was taking D3 but realized it has fructose and stopped. Not sure how long it will take to find some without (foreign country).
    Multi Vitamin (yeast free, preservative free etc).
    GSE – 10 to 20 drops a day
    Coconut supplements – I was taking 4 of these at 4,000 mg total per day but have stopped the tablets and am just taking 2 tblspns EVCO now with my tonics. (I stopped because after speaking with an English speaking pharmacist I found it may be impossible to get these tabs in Poland. My husband is also bringing these back though if I should start taking them again.
    FIber 3 from Now – 1 tblspoon a day
    Magnesium Powder (Natural Vitality) at 350 mg a day as needed.

    Also, I am stumped as to how I can have eliminated all sugar from my diet and all non vegetable carbs but am now constipated most days. How is that possible?

    I bought buckwheat cereal but haven’t eaten it yet because I haven’t a clue what to do with it. Suggestions welcome… I need to look up some recipes.

    I would LOVE to make some coconut flour bread but have looked high and low for coconut flour and can’t find it here.

    Ordering from resulted in a bust basically. My trial run got stuck in customs because it was coming from the USA and Poland has a VERY STRICT import law. I had to pay $65 in basic shipping and then another $75 dollars in duty fees plus three forms that had to be translated, signed, scanned and emailed back plus a copy of my passport. I paid more in shipping and duty than I did for the actual supplements. My hunt to buy vitamins in Poland is back on… order from outside isn’t feasible.

    Last but not least, my legs feel weak since I have been on the diet. Am I not eating enough? I feel full and don’t feel starved (most often).


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    ooops sorry key detail… I have only been on the stage 2 diet for 3 weeks and I am already feeling weak in will power… gahhh!


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    DrewsMama;39992 wrote: ooops sorry key detail… I have only been on the stage 2 diet for 3 weeks and I am already feeling weak in will power… gahhh!

    Hi DrewsMama,

    Most people tend to agree that the begining few weeks of the diet is the most difficult part. My suggestion to you regarding the cravings is to get creative and find something that is allowed to replace it with. You can make coconut bread or a similar type bread with coconut flour, oat bran or buckwheat flour. This is something that is allowed and some of the ingredients are prebiotic feeding the healthy bacteria in your body.

    You can also try making something like dehydrated vegetable chips or kale chips. You can season them with himalayan sea salt and olive oil.

    If you can try to fill the void with an allowed item you will find the cravings will go away and the diet will become easier for you. Overall you need to get creative with the allowed list of foods and try different items that are allowed.

    Decaf coffee is not allowed if you are adhering to the strict diet. The reason being is it would likely have molds in it. My suggestion to you is to try Chicory coffee. It’s essentially dried Chicory from Chicory flower plant. You brew it like coffee and it has a similar texture to coffee. You can put a little stevia or cinnamon in it for taster. Able and others who have recovered drank this on their diet.


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    well i feel your pain ive had a very hard time with this diet and its very depressing to stick with i recently told myself i need to change my attitude and come to grips mentally that this is whats best for me and to heal i have to go thru with this .im so sorry to hear so much trouble with getting your supplements i hope u find an easier way .

    telling yourself its not forever,prayer,doing other things that make u happy have all helped me ,when u get a craving ask yourself do i really need it ? tell yourself its not worth it and focus your attention to anything else that makes u happy like listening to music or playing with your kids .this is what i do but honestly its so tough ive cracked and givin in many times !when a craving comes remember its only temporary and will pass and eat something allowed ,i am allowing myself sum blueberries ,green apple and almond butter/brown rice pasta not every day but here and there this helps but probably will take longer to cure u if u choose this .i hate coconut bread and just stay away from bread but if u like it its a good treat and fast !if u get a dehydrator can make crackers from veggies and these are good!

    i am also allowing myself holiday meals ive decided that stressing myself out over not being able to eat with my family and having to do extra work to prepare holiday food i cant eat along with my own is just too much to handle so Easter ,my daughters 2nd birthday may,my birthday April ,my moms birthday june and probably a bit on my aug vacation to Florida i will be eating as i please now that dosent mean i plan on eating a whole bag of cookies but just kinda falling off track and i plan on picking up again the nxt day .

    i dont think a once a month meal will affect the treatment much but there’s a fine line between a meal and a complete binge and i know it to well ! so i must be strong and smart about getting back on track !

    having sweets in the house is extremely hard for me also and since my hubby is a junk food junkie it never ends my house is constantly full of treats !yesterday i put notes on my fridge and cupboards of why i need to do this diet and the benefits i will reep from it .one of them looks like this – because i need the pain to go away ,wt loss skinny me !,because i need energy to play with Ariela ,because i need to function better at work ,another baby !,pain free me ! i have 3 notes like this and i figure maybe reading them when i have a craving will keep me from grabbing a brownie ! goodluck we can do this !

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