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    At a check-up a couple of weeks ago my urologist told me I had bacteria in my urine again but he didn’t prescribe antibiotics. Instead he told me to drink cranberry juice and nettle tea. I sourced unsweetened organic cranberry juice and I’ve been drinking it systematically but my symptoms (mainly tinnitus and other disturbances in my ears) get worse when I have it in large quantities. It has 4 grams of sugar per 100 millilitres so drinking a whole bottle of 75 mls gives me about 35 grams. Yesterday I found concentrated cranberry juice at the pharmacy, which only has 3.5 grams per 100 mls and which has to be diluted which makes it even less as I was drinking the unconcentrated juice neat, but it seems to be less effective. Before starting the diet I was taking cranberry capsules but they have maltodextrin so it seems you can’t win. Any advice?

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