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    This is a long advice request y’all. Bless the heart of anyone who can get through it all cuz I sure could use some help!
    I’ve long suspected that I may have candida. When I was in high school and college I used to get used infections all the time and common colds. These stopped when I went on antidepressants (have always thought there was a connection there but have no evidence to back it up) but I still have some symptoms that make me think I need to change something about my diet. Have been feeling mostly pretty good this summer so I thought that it might be a good time to try the Candida diet since I felt so strong. I went on the Candida diet a couple of weeks ago, but then fell off the wagon after two weeks of the diet. I then had a terrible reaction- started getting stomachaches from foods that hadn’t done so before the diet, broke out in an invisible rash all over my arms and neck (which is one of those on and off symptoms I’ve maintained since college), and became bloated. I sort of felt like kicking myself because I had actually been feeling pretty healthy before I started the elimination diet in the first place, but I also know this probably means I have a food sensitivity to something like bread or sugar. My question is: since I started having this reaction I decided to try being gluten-free with very limited sugar (I eat fruit and low added sugar to things like granola. I also drink coffee. But I’m eating a ton of veggies and gluten free grains which feels great). Oh, I’m also taking 30 billion probiotics a day. I think my tummy symptoms have gotten better but My skin is still really itchy and now I’m definitely getting a yeast infection, which I haven’t had in probably a year. It is bewildering and frustrating because even though I’m not doing the strict Candida diet I’m still eating better than I have in months and being more consistent w probiotics than ever. Am I doing the right thing? Do I just need to wait another week on this diet before things start getting better? Should I tighten down on the Candida diet, or should I take a cue from the fact that I’ve only started getting these symptoms since going on the diet and therefore it’s a bad direction for me? I’ve heard of die off but can this really be die off if I’m still eating things like fruit and drinking coffee? I didn’t realize and Tyacke she started writing this post just how confused/conflicted I am. Thank you for whatever advice y’all can give me!

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