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    Has anybody tried this? I remember trying this in the past before my candida journey. It did help me go to the bathroom, but I worry about the ingredients. I did like it because I did not have to swallow another pill, easy, and can take it on the go. However, I usually took it at night before bed to help with the bathroom in the morning. I have def. been having problems again going to the bathroom. I either do too much, or not enough. I haven’t been taking a probiotic (bernie knows, some pleo’s are too strong raster, but pleo fort and ex work great when I need those), as people mentioned on here, I have been getting reactions, too. I have never really settled on one. Ideas?

    I have tried other things to help like af betafood or cholacol. I like the af betafood, but I am starting think about watching my sodium, iodine intake again. Everytime I have been eating seaweed, high iodine, or too salty, I notice my face gets puffy, and I think I am retaining water. Of course, I am still trying to get over my osteopenia, too. My ankles are still getting swollen, and it slowing me down! =(

    This supplement would help with my mood, I’m sure, that is def. getting better, and I would get vitamin D.

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