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    I’ve seen it come up a couple times here in old posts, but this is something that hasn’t been discussed much. I started taking copper about a month ago and really believe that it has helped me a lot. Why? Copper retards yeast growth. In fact, several websites I’ve read suggest that a copper imbalance may actually be on of the main reasons candida spreads.

    When I started taking copper, I had been taking zinc for a while to help boost my immune system. That was a mistake, not that there is anything wrong with zinc, but copper and zinc should be taken together in the proper proportion, at a 8:1 ratio. So since I was taking 20mg of zinc, I started taking 2.5mg of copper. When I first started taking copper I had horrible die-off symptoms that lasted about a week and a half, but since then things have really improved.

    Based on my own experience, I would highly recommend copper. I would like to know if anyone else has tried copper and if it helped you.

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