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    Hey, Community!

    Just popped in to share something which is kind of a cool way for ME PERSONALLY to have tried when taking Probiotics: may also apply to any other kind of “capsule” which may contain anything along the lines of a sugar, like cellulose, etc….even probitotics!

    Do your oil pulling or what ever then thoroughly brush your teeth gums, TONGUE, roof of mouth: I mean everywhere you can “lovingly” wipe was much as you can without hurting the flesh itself. Then BEFORE you take any probiotics to help those who aid controlling’oral(esophageal, too) thrush’, start with a little above room temp water, luke warm for coffee you know what I mean? Pore in some Sea Salt (I use a cheaper version of my main pink Himalayan but, it is still Himalayan, personally) and start gargling away at least that one cup, perhaps two if you have lots of phlem or what ever coming out. You’ll know when to stop.

    Then repeat the same “garling steps” but at a lower temp as to not kill off any probiotics, say like no warmer than a “baby’s bottle” temp (98.7 degrees or MUCH lower but, above room temp) and take your probiotics. I thought, wow, “you have to take probiotics with a full glass of room temp tepid at least water anyway, why not just do the same thing to make it much easier to start controlling candida with probiotic colonies starting from the “top down” so to say and open my main high 34 strain/100 billion count along with another 10 strain/30 billion count in a similar fashion. I ingest the same lower strain/billon count probiotic in some warm water, and use that to take the capsule of the high strain/100 billion count probiotic along with. Heck, saves water and gets some ‘good guys’ working their way down from the lips down while the capsule helps get the higher strain through the system “further down the track” shall we say instead of water (pure as possible or perhaps mineral would be a good idea too, dunno – humph – shrug).

    However, for those who’ve bought any products you are scared of taking due to the capsule being made from something sugerary in essance, cellulose, etc. which isn’t in the mixture inside the capsule but, from the capsule itself. Why not just ingest it the same way for peace of mind instead of throwing away precious dollars? Not just for probiotics but, for any vits/mins/sups etc… In my personal case, there ample reason to suspect a lot of what’s ingested just passes through the system not adding much help to the body without crewing really well, etc and separating meals from liquid intake as much as possible during the meal yet, just enough: temperance. Most vits/mins/sups are best taken throughout a meal rather than all at once in the morning but, separated into several meals depending on when the body most utilize that nutrient – why not do the same thing? It’s all about making it easiest on the body to absorb and utilize the vits when it needs them the most.

    Anyway, it was one of the “hitting your head and saying, ‘I could have had a V-* moments’. DAH, considering I just switched to JARROWS powder Vit C and I always take L-glutamine with lot’s of water..typically alone. Vit C is good to take throughout the day for me, personally – even if it’s just lemon juice in my water throughout the day (yes, it’s hard on the teeth so go easy on it) yet, it’s helping my die off symptoms which literally had me in bed the entire summer) yet, I’m so happy to be vertical, I keep pushing myself into that corner of pain and needless agony: if I didn’t stray from “my plan” (which is mainly the able/raster protocol yet, my case is quite complex so, take that in stride when reading this). It helps keep the GI track acidic, while helping alkalize the body pH – sounds worthÂ¥ of attempting, yet, you have to spread the vit c little with this meal, some between meals and keep it up throughout the day. Yet, helping starting with my upper GI absorb the Vit C, or whatever antioxidant. Wheat Grass juice etc….With die off there’s so many free radicals kicking up a storm on top on what you have already been through suffering your way to an answer which the western medicine society hasn’t really grasped the complexities of this ailment outside of Aids patients and the like but, heck, even the infamous and world wide beloved Jerry Garcia got oral thrush and candida issues from his “stay” in the hospital in 1986 which his REAL wife said, “it was horrible, he was coughing up all this white stuff”, etc…. yet, he had other issues going on too, diabetes with a sweet tooth and after a show 7-11 ben/jerry’s & chilli dog runs, etc……he wasn’t on a healthy path but, it wasn’t a diabetic coma, it was dehydration mixed with the “hospital shooting him up with valium” when he was allergic to it or something like that…anyway, it was a true blessing, he got support, went on a diet similar to ours etc and had at least 7 more productive years before things went terribly wrong with that horrible word, “addiction”. But, that’s another story.

    The POSITIVE NEWS IS helping share this concept I’ve been experimenting on and can tell from my tongue when I’m loyal to this part of my “regime” or not. I’ll report back later what I feel the results are but, again my case is rather extreme so in many way, I hasn’t been since perhaps the turn of this year I got the Blood test ran, firm DX peace of mind I WILL BE HEALED it is just going to take time. Besides, I use Cinnamon as one of my antifugals (it’s good for digestion as well) and take it through capsule for the ease but, it’s great in coconut breads and the like. I friend turned me onto using this particular freshly ground health food place where they grind it when you buy it there in front of you, some exotic country or species of cinnamon (there isn’t just one plant). And then gave me capsules to put them into: she slaves away putting cinnamon into capsules like we’ve tried with other substances I’m sure at times and lol…..why not just use it in your cooking, or drinking….heck, I’ve even considered snorting cinnamon or probiotics to see if it might help with my chronic candida sinus issues.

    So, save some money if you will….save some time/effort to while “spicing’ up unfamiliar dishes with a flavor universally is beloved!!!

    Take your pros…..and many healing blessings to each and every one of you.
    Peace be with you

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