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    Despite following the diet I have so far really been unable to get rid of constipation, until now. I have been taking an oxygen product called colosan, since starting it 4 weeks ago I have only failed to do a bowel movement on 2 occasions and all BM have been quite easy to do with no straining.

    A link is below and though this is a UK based company I am sure that similar products are available throughout the rest of the world.


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    Ingredients: Magnesium, Oxygen, Veggie capsule (Cellulose), citric acid, vegetable stearate

    I wonder what kind of Magnesium is used for the main ingredient. Would not be surprised if its Magnesium Oxide (irritates colon, usually causing bowel movements). I would check out the company website or contact them via e-mail to find out. If it is Magnesium Oxide, it should be avoided.

    If not, please update us.



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    The top ingredient is magnesium, which is a trace mineral, which is recommended in the constipation remedies post. As far as oxygen is concerned, you need it!



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    I would be surprised if the magnesium is neutral magnesium (Mg).

    I expect the magnesium to be present in the Mg(2+) ionized form, as one constituent of either a magnesium salt (like MgCl2 or Mg3(PO4)2 or MgSO3 or so) or magnesium oxide (MgO).

    Oxygen is normally present in the body and should not be added to places where there’s normally no oxygen. Putting oxygen in normally oxygen-less places kills useful bacteria and may create powerful oxidants in places where the body has little protection against those.

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