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    Hey everybody! Hope everyone is on the road to recovery!

    So I got my nystatin yesterday. I’m going to take this for a week before I start incorporating fluconazole to hopefully lower the numbers and lessen the die off. I really haven’t noticed that much die off from the nystatin other than my thrush seems to be getting kind of pissed off. I notice my genital area and butt seem a little itchier. Guess that’s normal die off from nystatin as it works its way through your system.

    Anyway, I decided to do a parasite cleanse after reading an article that said most people who have candida generally have a parasite issue that is slowing down the healing process. I know raster, you have mentioned this before and I should have paid more attention to this advice.

    I ordered a 30 day supply of humaworm. I’ve heard good things about it and it’s relatively cheap in comparison to the large amounts of money I”ve spent on this candida issue.

    My question, is this something I can do while treating my candida? Is it safe to use while taking antifungals? And does the parasite cleanse cause die off? (I’m assuming yes)

    Lastly does the parasite cleanse kill the candida too?

    Was watching some videos on people who have used humaworm on youtube and they have some pretty narly after pictures lol.


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