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    Andrea Binder
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    I´m a bit confused about the die-off symptom thing! Some of the explained symptoms of die off seem similiar to candida ones.For example…am I being successful with diet if I have dry mouth or not? how about having gas?I know some is normal but what is normal and is gas from die off? should we be having bowel movements 1,2,3x/day? if not is die off just kind of rearranging and rebuilding colon?do we just keep on the program and wait it out? trial and error?….whew,a lot of questions,I know:)


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    They are all pretty similar and its difficult to understand what is going on early on.

    Typically die-off is long term and you feel it all day long persistently; its very similar to flu-like symptoms and you typically feel nauseous, achy, your eyes burn, and a whole host of other symptoms that I’ve mentioned over and over on the forum. Basically you just feel awful; its almost like a drunk-like feeling.

    Candida symptoms are generally symptoms you feel before starting the diet; examples include coughing, acne, arthritis, hyperventilation, constipation, bloating, gas, the leaky gut burn feeling I’ve mentioned over and over (similar to indian rug burn), headaches, mood swings, irritability, inability to cope with stress, vision issues, fatigue, heart palpitations, tremors, and more and more. These are generally long term symptoms whereas die-off should only be short term.

    Dry mouth is a sign of dehydration and its a symptom that you need more water. From my experience, its hard to have too much water with the diet. My naturopath would state that constant thirst is a water symptom; water is your long term stored up energy…whereas fire is short term everyday energy.

    Ideally you should be having bowel movements 3x per day; anything less than that is considered constipation. If its 1x per day it means your constipated.

    You don’t need to just heal the colon, but you need to heal many organs all at once including the liver. It varies person to person which organs are damaged but we all share the similarity of having a damaged gut caused by a fungus/yeast.

    Typically when combining the strict diet with antifungals and probiotics you should feel bad before you feel better. If you are not doing the strict forum diet, you could not be making much progress and/or experience any die-off. The stricter you go the more the yeast starves and dies.


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