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    helen p
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    I have bought several books on the subject. Some say you can eat tomatoes some not.If nothing from the nightshade family then why and for how long, indefiitely? Some suggest beetroot, parsnips, carrot, asparagus etc again some not. Are potatoes going to be permanetly banned? I have bought some very expensive Yacon syrup and Yacon powder to liven up my ginger cookies but now somewhere has suggested you shouldn’t even use this. Please help. I’m trying to hard to stay committed but am tiring from all the conflicting info. Also I’ve been recommended to use the basis of the Hay diet to combine specific foods. Are there any recipes that combine both diets.
    Many thanks to anyone who replies.


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    Hello, Helen, welcome to the forum.

    For the most part, on this forum you’ll find that the members are following one diet, the one shown at the bottom of this post.

    I can’t answer questions concerning other diets. The easiest way to explain to why a particular food is or is not on the diet is tell you how a Candida diet is constructed as there are specific aspects that are necessary for a safe Candida cure. So when you’re creating a list of foods for a Candida diet, you have to consider these important factors that support the goal of the diet which is three-fold:

    1) Prevent feeding the Candida and at the same time avoid access weight loss to the person.

    2) Obtain as many nutrients as possible from the diet for health, meaning to support the adrenals and rebuild the immune system as well as prevent further damage to both, aid in curing leaky gut syndrome or prevent it, and avoid as many potential allergens as possible.

    3) Obtain natural probiotic food sources and provide natural prebiotics in order to feed the beneficial bacteria as often and as much as possible for maintaining and growing the population of the flora.

    So every time you add a food item, you have to ask yourself the question; does this food have at least one of the attributes needed for a workable Candida diet?

    If a food item has one rare attribute, and it’s a particularly powerful and strong provider of that attribute, but it also has a slight potential for causing a problem, then the food is probably going to be a test food anyway because of the rareness of its attribute. Some of the prebiotics on the foods list are examples of this.

    Some foods have none of the attributes named above, but does have the potential for being problematic to the treatment; this is one reason foods may not be on our allowed foods list.

    The foods on the list were both tested and researched and found to be safer for the Candida treatment than foods that are not on the list. We all have to eat food, but we can reduce the chances of aggravating the Candida or prolonging the treatment by being as careful as possible with the foods we choose to eat.

    Even though we provide a diet on the forum, no one is going to tell you that you can’t try or test food you wish to. So if you have a food that you believe should be on the allowed foods list, go ahead, test it, eat it, enjoy it, no one is going to be upset with you if you do, and you may just discover that you can tolerate it just fine, but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that everyone will.

    Allowed Foods List:

    Please let us know if you have other questions.



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    I eat potatoes on phase 2 about 2x times per week. I have been on the strict forum diet for over 7 months.



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    I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel and felt my question might be best answered here. It seems there are two different diets; one on the forum here and one on the website. Albeit similar, the forum diet allows eggs on the very first detox stage? I just wanted to confirm this because I’m incredibly hungry and feeling a bit weak and could use a protein source. Thanks for any advice given. Shells.


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    Please see the following posts:
    “The Protocol”
    “Proper and Safe Cleanse”:

    I didn’t go through the detox stage myself, but just skimming through the second link provided this:

    “If you follow the detox information above, and adhere strictly to the all green-vegetable diet, leave out all red meat, eating organic eggs occasionally as the main protein source, and having chicken and fish only very occasionally if absolutely necessary, you will be able to complete a one to two week detox program without literally starving yourself.”

    Please keep in mind that most of us on the forum follow our own protocol and pretty much ignore the information on the main website. You can read why in the first link I provided.

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