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    I read that caffeine can potentially kill some of the good bacteria in the gut.

    The only concern the diet and protocol raise is that that caffeine has been found to raise stress levels, which is bad if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue.

    I only drink 100% washed coffee, free of mycotoxins/mold. If its just a stress concern, I can deal with that by lowering my intake of coffee or supplementing for adrenal strength, using other de-stressing techniques.

    But if there is actually some research suggesting that caffeine destroys healthy flora in the gut, can anyone point me to it? Or verify?

    Or is there something else Im missing about coffee.

    Able/Raster Im lookin at you guys 🙂


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    I’m staying off coffee, even decaf.
    What I am drinking instead is Kaffee Roma which is a roasted grain beverage, and also a good prebiotic.
    First time I tasted this, I wasn’t impressed but after a week or so it really grows on you and becomes almost coffee-like to your tastebuds. I drink it with a little coconut milk, maybe a spoonful of Xylitol. I’m used to it now and like it. Vitacost have a good price on it, $14 for two big jars.


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    Caffeine is a natural defence mechanism that coffee has evolved to use. It helps defend against mold (mycotoxins) and parasites. Decaffeinating beans is a good way to ensure some sort of mold growth on the bean. I think this is an under acknowledged point in the battle between caf and decaf.


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    Coffee drains your adrenals which you need for your immune system. It also creates an acidic environment that benefits the yeast. It is also highly inflammatory which benefits leaky gut and places for the yeast to grow. If you want something that gives you energy in the morning, I would look at chamomile tea which promotes bowel movements, is antifungal, and it gives you energy if you drink 2-3 cups of it.



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    The concerns about coffee that I’ve read is that most of them harbor mold in the bean.

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