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    Cani drink coffee in the second stage of the diet


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    Hello, Sire.

    I’ll tell you why I don’t recommend caffeine on the Candida diet at any stage and you can draw your own conclusions and make your own choice.

    Caffeine has an adverse effect on the adrenal glands. The adrenals create energy by releasing epinephrine, and caffeine can cause the adrenals to perform this action. Many people think this is an energy boost from the caffeine, when actually it’s simply an adrenal function. Using a stimulant such as caffeine on a daily basis, especially if there is an illness involved which is already putting a drain on the adrenals, eventually suppresses the function of the adrenals. This is the reason that the person is ‘dragging’ and why he thinks he is in need of a caffeine burst in the first place.

    If they drink coffee/caffeine at that point, it then stimulates the adrenals once again, and the energy level is raised. They often think they’re helping the adrenals, when actually they are simply suppressing the adrenal glands even more. Eventually these people turn into someone who tells you that they have no problem with caffeine, and in fact can go right to sleep after drinking it. At this point, the adrenals have reached the point of being too weak to perform their functions, so what the person has done is to “crash the adrenals” rendering the adrenals incapable of releasing epinephrine into the system.

    With the above information, you can see how feeling better after having caffeine does not mean that it hasn’t created an adverse effect on the adrenals.

    As far as decaffeinated coffee is concerned, there are three methods of removing caffeine from regular coffee, none of which is capable of removing 100% of the caffeine; so decaffeinated coffee still contains left-over caffeine. Besides this fact, coffee in general is known to contain mold, and whether in large or small amounts, Candida albicans love mold; so if you’re going to feed the Candida in your system mold, you many as well have a spoonful of sugar instead, at least it’ll taste better.

    Drinking only organically grown, decaffeinated coffee would be the safest way to have coffee, if you feel you can’t live without it.



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    He is correct about the coffee; it drains your adrenal glands. This may be a reason you feel fatigued most of the time. Switch to green tea instead. You can maybe cheat once every week or two weeks and it won’t set you back too much.


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    Able900; thank you very much for your answer..i understand everything you said about the coffee; its going to be very hard for me to stop it after the first stage i was just waiting to finish the first stage to start drinking coffee again ; but i guess i would follow your recomendations and i`ll buy organic decaffeinated coffee instead; the reason i started this diet it was not because i was tired or something like that ; i started because i was having yeast infections very frequently and i wanted to atack this monster and distroy it for ever 🙂

    thank you guys for your help

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