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    Hi all,

    So I’m already cooking with coconut oil and taking a teaspoon or two a day. I had a small jar of organic oil from the “Biomarkt” (I’m in Germany), but it’s so damned expensive. I bought a big jar of it from the local Asian Store, which was much better priced, but it tastes more waxy, so it’s probably not as good, right?

    So I’m wondering if anyone has advice on cheaply priced coconut oil – brands, websites, etc. Also, I’m curious about the consistency of virgin coconut oil. Everything I’ve had this far has the consistency of soft wax – NOT at all like olive or sunflower oil! It melts down fine in the frying pan, and it works great as a chapstick on my lips! But it is not at all viscous, which makes me wonder about, say baking with it. I’d also like to be able to pour it. Is that just something I can’t expect from this kind of oil? Or have I been getting something more akin to “Kokosfett” (coconut fat), rather than Kokosöl (despite what’s on the package)?



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    Hi Griff – I use 3 different brands, depending on what shop I’m in but all are in tubs and the oil is set or “waxy” as you describe. It’s not supposed to be “runny” like olive oil or sesame oil. For most uses you can use it as it is but if you want it to be liquid just heat it very briefly in the microwave.

    Basically, you want your coconut oil to be 100% pure with no additives and organic preferably. Yes it’s expensive here in Ireland too… sometimes there’s a 50% sale on in one of my local stores and I stock up then!


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    It has a higher melting point than other oils, so it’s solid at room temperature. It’s probably expensive everywhere unless you live in Sri Lanka or Southern India. I paid around £8 for an organic 460g tub, which looks like it would last a good few weeks. I’m not sure if cooking with it affects the potency of the caprylic acid, but it’s delicious with everything.

    You have to expect to pay extra for good quality oils. The cheap vegetable oils you get are highly processed, extremely toxic and don’t resemble anything close to the original seed/plant. Even a lot of extra virgin olive oils are rancid trash. It’s cheap for a reason.


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    Like everything, there is different grades of food items. You pay for what you get typically with oils. Organic is always more expensive.

    You can get coconut oil online as well.

    The way I look at coconut oil is that it is like the grease found in the pan after cooking meat; it is a liquid when it is warm, but when cool it is white like lard.



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    Thanks everyone!


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    Earlier I was using the coconut oil which was RDB- ie refined, deodorized, bleached but then I figured it’s so heat processed that the nutrient profile is much altered.

    Now I get mine especially pressed from a local store. This one tastes and smells much nicer.

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