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    Is it OK 2 swallow the oil I use to swish with?

    Also 4 the do u think douching with coconut oil is the same as ingesting? I don’t like to eat it so just wondering if it would have the same effect to douche with it. I ate a table spoon today and barly got it down.

    Is melting it OK? I think if it was liquid it would b easier for me thanks!


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    If you use it for oil pulling, definitely spit it out (into the trash, since it can harden in the sink).

    You can use it vaginally and it’ll help with localized yeast infections, but I don’t believe it’ll have an impact on your gut-based candida.

    You can melt it or cook with it. I cook with it at almost every meal. Try melting some in a pan over a low flame, then add chopped up garlic to it for a few minutes until the garlic cooks a little. You can pour the oil and garlic over your veggies for flavoring along with sea salt and pepper.


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    Just be sure not to melt it in the microwave. I keep mine in a cup setting on my kitchen heater.


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    it does have an effect in the gut, so eat it.


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    K thanks so if I melt sum and add to my tea that should b good, I wont use microwave thanks!

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