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    and so is buckwheat. There’s no listing for coconut flour but I assume it has similar inflammatory properties. Eggs are moderately inflammatory. Is this site wack or should I be worried about these elements of my diet? Should I be taking spoonfuls of olive oil to balance out the coconut oil’s inflammatory properties? I can’t find anything, other than turmeric, with a similarly high anti-inflammatory rating.


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    Hi Sue,

    I’m not sure about the validity of that site but I can tell you about my own personal experience – I have a eustachian tube disorder which is actually made better with inflammation (my eustachian tubes are more open than they should be and since the tubes are so small in diameter, they are sensitive to even a small amount of inflammation). Anyway, since I’ve been on this diet, including 8-12 teaspoons of coconut oil per day, my ear symptoms have gotten much worse, which suggests that there is not much in the way of inflammation in my body. Having said this, I’m comparing this with how I felt on my regular diet which was highly inflammatory – lots of sugar and white flour etc.

    I’d say just feel it out – what’s the reason you’re concerned about inflammation? If it’s something that manifests as some kind of measurable symptom, keep a log and see how it behaves as you take away/introduce coconut oil…


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    The site is pretty accurate in my opinion. I would only worry about it if you have leaky gut and react to things a whole bunch. Buckwheat is very mildly inflammatory btw, so no need to worry.

    I would look up anti-inflammatory foods, there are a whole bunch. Look at pumpkin for instance.



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    Dr Bruce Fife is an expert on the health benefits of Coconut Oil…

    Buckwheat contains highly potent allergens.


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    Once buckwheat has been roasted and cooked its inflammatory factor goes down significantly:


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    raster;47807 wrote: The site is pretty accurate in my opinion. I would only worry about it if you have leaky gut and react to things a whole bunch.


    I’m confused. I have leaky gut and the advice on here is that you cant escape leaky gut without significantly reducing candida albicans first. So because of that I’d increased my intake of coconut oil and yet I dont seem to be improving.

    *Could* this be why? I thought i was doing the right thing.


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    Raster, that’s exactly what I was doing, looking up anti-inflammatory foods.

    Given the beneficial properties of coconut oil, I can’t see dropping it as a nutraceutical, but I am going to drop the buckwheat flour, for however many months until my gut heals. I’m glad to see the roasted groats have a better profile.

    And dialing back the portion size on the coconut oil brings its inflammatory rating down dramatically. A tbsp is -111 on their scale, instead of 1750 or so for a cup. That site you linked to, Rhaily, lists anti-inflammatory as one of coconut’s benefits. That’s not jibing with this nutrition facts website and I’m wondering which is the more accurate.


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    As long as you counter balance the coconut oil with anti-inflammatory foods, there should be no need to worry. For instance, look up cod liver oil on the site, its the highest anti-inflammatory food item there is:

    Check out salmon:

    Inflammation and leaky gut go hand in hand so if you don’t see much improvement as far as healing it, then I would change course and try out an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements.

    If you are drinking coffee, this is highly inflammatory.

    There are dozens of anti-inflammatory foods out there and you likely are eating some already. A lot of the things they suggest to reduce inflammation are already removed when doing the candida diet such as grains, sugar, alcohol, etc.



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    The information on SelfNutritionData are ESTIMATIONS. Estimations that are based on information that is outdated and inaccurate in my opinion.

    Each items nutritional profile are simply entered in system and it draws a score based on numbers.

    For example, eggs are high in Cholesterol so this is negatively impacting its “inflammatory factor”. It has been proven over and over again that an eggs Cholesterol has no negative impact on health. The same can be said for coconut oils high saturated fat to a certain level.

    While there is a lot of good info on this site there are holes in its information.


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    SueSullivan;47796 wrote: Coconut oil is wildly inflammatory, according to this website

    A large majority of the different oils in coconut oil is lauric acid. This acid has an extremely high content of anti-inflammatory properties and is the same fat that makes human breast milk so nutritious for babies. Because of this factor, any negative aspect of coconut oil is negated by the benefits of lauric acid.

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