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    The last few days I have had really bad bloating and wind after my evening meal. The only thing I have changed is using coconut oil (a lot) when I stir fry my veggies (only vegetables on the stricter version provided by Able). Would this most likely be caused by die off or could I be allergic to something?

    To test if it was the coconut oil yesterday I had some at lunchtime and I had the same reaction. Could I have just had too much too quickly, should I try a smaller amount and build it up or should I avoid it all together?


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    Virgin coconut oil is very potent, you need to start slowly and build up otherwise you get an upset stomach like what you are describing..I started at 1 tbs a day then moved on to 3 tbs which is a good amount per day.


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    If you are only consuming vegetables and taking coconut oil than it could be likely be due to die-off.

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