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    I read in passing about how to combat the rapid heart rate caused by coconut oil in some people and I cant seem to find that post.

    Every time I try a little my heart rate goes crazy.

    Im young 25 year old female and have been suffering from candida for about a year and half. About a year and half ago I got a cyst in my sinus but was misdiagnosed for quite some time as just sinus infection—my doctor kept loading me up with antibiotics about 10 12 rounds in just 2 or 3 months. Ever since then my body hasn’t been the same. I get repeated yeast infections, foggy head, indigestion, blurry vision, dry skin around my fingers, etc. I was given pills of fluonazole which just seems to make it flare up without resolution.

    I feel like I have no control over my life and have been hopeless. I changed my diet to follow the more liberal one on the site, I lost 20lbs but that’s about it.

    I need advice from someone who understands, thanks.


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    Hello Saraann,

    The rapid heart beat is a symptom I experienced and others experienced while on the diet; it is a die-off symptom. It should improve in time as you kill more and more of the yeast. I used to get bad heart palpitations as well. Acupuncture is one thing you can do that can help your body detox better.

    You may consider consulting a naturopath who can heal you holistically. Have you tried SF722, HMF neuro, and healing the liver? These are some of the tools a naturoapthic doctor can use to heal you and are the cornerstones of my treatment.

    We developed a forum protocol that has a strict food list that is very different than the websites food list which promotes things such as beef, pork, rice, corn, potatoes, etc…all of which can set back your progress. Beef and pork take days to digest while chicken and fish take hours. Corn, rice, potatoes, and carrots are all high in starch and sugars which can feed the candida quite easily.



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    Thank you for replying.

    I think my concern was that even at the first go the my heart sped up. I wasn’t aware it could start that soon. But after reading the protocol I noticed that it is noted it can start anytime.

    I have been actively looking for a naturopath but Im having trouble finding one that is within my price range since most dont seem to take insurance. But I will continue to search. And will try out the SF722, HMF neuro as soon as I can locate them.

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