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    I’m about to start the process soon and I noticed that many of the recipes call for coconut milk. I have a sensitivity to coconut milk and lactose. Does anyone know if I can substitue Original Lite Soy Milk for coconut milk?


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    Originally soy foods were fermented to the point of neutralizing the toxins which are naturally found in soybeans. Unfortunately, one cannot say this about most commercial soy products today. In addition, the way they’re processed deprives proteins of their natural properties by blocking the action of enzymes needed for proper protein digestion. This will increase the levels of carcinogens (cancer causing agents) in the proteins. Another reason to stay away from soy is the agent in soy which is the same as the chemical messenger in our metabolism which tells the thyroid gland to shut down, so at the very least it can suppress the function of the thyroid, which is usually already at risk with a Candida infestation.

    You might try almond milk with no added sugars. Some Candida sufferers can tolerate this, some can’t, so you’ll want to test it before using it in a recipe.


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