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    First question – I’m on the candida diet and it seems there are conflicting views around the inclusion of coconut milk. I’ve looked up past threads and also noticed that coconut milk is used in certain recipes on the site. I live in the tropics and can buy fresh coconut milk, and UHT coconut milk in cartons, but both have a definite sweetness. Is coconut milk a ‘cheat’ food, or can it be used in moderation?

    Second question – Hummus. I see chickpeas are on the banned list but I have seen Hummus as an acceptable part of a candida diet on other blogs. Any thoughts?

    Third question – While I’m not an alcoholic, sitting in a bar with a glass of water isn’t much fun. Is vodka and soda with a dash of angostura bitters acceptable…?


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    The alcohol damages your liver which affects your ability to detox.  If you want to drink then I wouldn’t do the diet.

    Hummus is fine later in your treatment all with all other beans, its an iffy item starting out.

    Coconut milk is highly inflammatory and antifungal so it could pose problems.  In general you want to reduce the inflammation on the diet and it goes against this idea.  If you get it, get the stuff with no additives or sugar.


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