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    Hey all,

    I am wondering about coconut chips and whether or not I can eat them. I know coconut oil and other coconut products (besides coconut water) is supposed to be really good against Candida. I bought a pack of organic “Alnatura Kokoschips” (German brand) the other day. The only ingredient listed is “Kokoschips” (nothing added), but the nutritional information says that per 100g, there are 62g of fat and 4.8g of sugar. I assume this is okay to eat, but I’d like some confirmation. They’re really yummy, and since I have never really had much of a sweet-tooth anyway, they’re just perfect for my taste.



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    Coconuts are on the “Allowed Foods” list – so yes, as long as they contain no extra sugar they’re fine.
    Allowed Foods:


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