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    Hello, I am new here. I have symptoms of candida overgrowth, most prominently anxiety, severe mood swings, irratibility, fatigue, and sugar cravings.

    I want to do the detox but am worried I won’t be getting enough calories to keep up my milk supply. See, I am currently nursing my 14 mth old still and don’t want to stop. I know I can add proteins like meat, to get more calories, but I am a vegetarian and can’t do that.

    I suppose I could skip the detox, but would you worry about doing a diet while nursing – I’m specifically worried about all those toxins getting into my breastmilk? But at this point, my symptoms are getting so bad, I need to do something.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!


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    How long do you plan on continuing the nursing? Couldn’t you just make some reasonable changes to your diet in the meantime? Just avoiding sugars and simple carbohydrates would probably make a big difference. It’d make the transition into the diet much easier too.


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    My son still nurses quite a bit and I wanted to go until he was around 2. Yes, I could eliminate those foods and just wait, see if it helps any.


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    One idea is to slowly gradually change towards the candida diet. First, cut the fruits and sugar. Second, cut the vinegar and distilled food items. Third, cut dairy or mold food items. Then cut grains. I sorta did this before I did the diet…

    Anyways, you should be concerned about what you feed your baby and when you do start the diet, a lot of toxins will be dying off throughout the body.

    Or, if possible, stop feeding him the fresh stuff for a month and then start again.

    Also, the detox part of the diet is completely optional and is up to you on whether you want to do it.


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