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    my stomach has been destroyed ever since taking cipro 3 months ago….then the white tongue….then the slew of all the other symptoms. anybody else take cipro?

    a friend asked me if i was a hypochondriac. he didnt know anything about candida.

    what would be a good argument to show him validity of overgrowth? (besides my own symptoms of course). any links you could share? explainations or proof of why the medical community at large rejects the validity of overgrowth?

    are we all hypochondriacs? does the brain have the ability to cause all or some of the candida symptoms? we are all obviosuly obsessed with this…..which tends to happen when your health is on the line.

    guess in some small way im wishing its just all in my head and i’ll wake up from this nightmare tommorrow and have my life back…..


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    It is frustrating family/friends don’t embrace candida related complex as a genuine syndrome. Western Medicine isn’t even well versed with candida related complex so it isn’t surprising the general public isn’t aware of how serious this condition really is. It’s a pretty complicated syndrome to understand, let alone explain.

    Heck, some of my own family doesn’t believe the depth of suffering or, think it should be something easily/quickly ‘cured’. One even said straight out they thought I was ‘faking it’….So, I have empathy with your situation. What I’m trying to do is just not take it personally. Saving my energy towards healing is a priority over stressing out about what other people think (easier said than done, granted). Stress isn’t a healing state for the battle with candida. Stress works against the immune system and is a known contributor of candida issues……

    FACT: A single round of cipro or broad spectrum antibiotics can cause a long battle with candida. Though I’ll never know for sure but, about the time I was placed on just 3 days of cipro about 20 years ago was when many odd things started happening to my body – which the dr’s just kept throwing more antibiotics at: go figure. Though, there’s reason to suspect candida was causing problems going back as far as my childhood. Once something like cipro throws the body out of balance all sorts of other imbalances can develop: somehow it’s all intertwined and interconnected.

    You might consider taking the candida antigen blood test (it isn’t too expensive) which will show facts about your condition. I just got my lab results back and they were off the charts: be interesting to see what consult my Dr proffers at my next appointment when we go over the results which I have already seen.

    Hang in there. REST is critical for the body to heal and just about everyone here will say to be prepared for a minimum of a year of treatment just to get candida back into “remission” since there is no “cure” per say. Candida will always be in your body. Getting it back into it’s natural balanced state is what is considered ‘cured’ but, personally I don’t see how anyone can put a time table on healing since we all make mistakes with treating candida. There’s a lot of trial and error as no two candida cases are the same.

    I wish you nothing but blessed healing graces along your healing journey.

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